How To Add Iptv To Openbox V9S

The Openbox V9S is a popular satellite receiver and media player that is widely used worldwide. It is a cost-effective option that streams content from satellite channels, but it can also stream online content by utilizing IPTV links. Adding IPTV to Openbox V9S is straightforward, and this article will guide you through the steps.

Step 1: Acquire IPTV Links

Firstly, you need IPTV links to add IPTV to your Openbox V9S. IPTV links are essentially URLs that stream online content and are used to play the IPTV content. You can obtain them freely from many websites, forums, social media groups, and other sources- the process requires a bit of research on your part.

Step 2: Connect the Openbox V9S to the Internet

Before you can add IPTV to your Openbox V9S, you must connect the satellite receiver to an internet source. You can connect using WIFI or an internet cable. To utilize Wi-Fi, navigate to the network settings menu on the Openbox V9S and input your Wi-Fi credentials. Alternatively, you can connect your Openbox V9S to your router with an ethernet cable.

Step 3: Add IPTV Links to Openbox V9S

Once you have obtained IPTV links and your device is connected to the internet, the next step is to add IPTV links to your device. Adding links translates to inputting URLs into the Openbox V9S system.

To add IPTV links to your Openbox V9S, go to the channel list and select the IPTV option from the menu. After selecting IPTV, a new window will appear, showing all the current IPTV links in the system. Tap the “+” button to add the new IPTV link you acquired and input it into the URL section.

Step 4: Save & Enjoy

After inputting the new IPTV link, Save the link and exit the IPTV setup menu. After exiting, tap on the IPTV option on the Openbox V9S, and the newly added IPTV link should appear, and you can watch it.


Adding IPTV to your Openbox V9S is easy and can be done with a few simple steps. Obtaining IPTV links and connecting the V9S to the internet required research, but once you have the IPTV links and internet connection, you can add them to the Openbox V9S simply. Adding IPTV to your Openbox V9S increases your entertainment options on a budget, giving you access to online streaming content using a satellite receiver.

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