How To Use IPTV Remote Control

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, which is a digital television delivery protocol that uses internet technology to provide TV programming. It is changing the way people watch TV by offering a wide range of channels and on-demand content from all over the world. However, to enjoy TV programs on your IPTV service, you need to know how to use the IPTV remote control.

Understanding The IPTV Remote Control

The IPTV remote control may look similar to the traditional TV remote control, but it has extra functionalities unique to this technology. The smart remote control may have additional buttons such as the guide, home, menu, back, and play/pause buttons among others.

Pairing the Remote with Your IPTV Device

Before using the remote control, you need to pair it with the IPTV device, which is usually a set-top box or TV. To do this, ensure that the IPTV device and the remote control have batteries. Then, on the remote control, press and hold the Set-up button until the LED light blinks. Next, enter the code given to you by your IPTV service provider to pair the remote control and the device. Once paired, the remote can control the device power and channels.

Changing Channels

To change channels, use the up and down arrows on the remote control or enter the channel number using the numbers keypad. Some IPTV remote controls such as the voice-controlled remotes enable you to change channels using voice commands.

Accessing the Program Guide

To access the program guide, press the guide button on the remote control. The program guide provides information on the available channels, schedules, and program content. Use the up and down arrows to navigate through the guide and the right and left arrows to view the schedule for specific channels or programs.

Using the Pause, Rewind, and Fast Forward Buttons

The IPTV remote control has pause and rewind buttons that allow you to pause live TV and go back to the beginning or an earlier point in the program. Additionally, the fast-forward button lets you skip ahead or move quickly through a recorded or on-demand clip.

Accessing On-Demand Content

To access on-demand content, use the menu button on the remote control. The menu button provides access to various content items such as movies, series, and documentaries. Use the up and down arrows to navigate through the menu and select the content you want to watch.

Using Parental Control

Most IPTV service providers offer parental control features that allow parents to restrict access to certain channels or programs. To activate the parental control feature, go to the settings menu, select parental control, and enter a pin code. You can then choose which channels or programs you want to block.


Using the IPTV remote control is easy once you master the basic functionalities. Always ensure that you pair the remote control with the IPTV device before use, and familiarize yourself with the additional buttons such as the guide, menu, and pause buttons among others. Additionally, explore the on-demand content and parental control features for a better IPTV experience. By following these tips, you can get the most out of your IPTV service.

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